A Catholic, college preparatory high school located in beautiful Sonoma County.




The tradition of academic excellence at Cardinal Newman is one of the primary reasons families have sent their children here since our establishment in 1964. Our mission is to educate the whole child, in mind, body, and spirit. Our academics are structured so that students graduate in alignment with the admissions requirements of the University of California and California State University systems. Unlike public schools, our focus is on the higher end, college preparatory classes, including  Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors courses, Calculus, Trigonometry, Sciences, and Physics. We offer two years of Language classes so students enter at the intermediate Language level in college.

As important as the advanced coursework, Cardinal Newman also offers significant student academic support. The work is challenging by design, but we don’t let our students struggle. After-school tutoring, learning, and study skill resources, and counselors are all available to ensure student success. In 2023, Cardinal Newman will open its state-of-the-art Student Life Center and Library. This 24,000-square-foot facility is dedicated to students and will centralize learning resources and spaces for group studying, peer tutoring, student collaboration, and our library.

Our true advantage stems from an academic offering not available at public schools, theology. The art of being human has less to do with knowing information and is more about relating to others. Rooted in the Catholic faith, Cardinal Newman students learn these essential life skills. They learn the importance of having compassion and empathy for others, serving the less fortunate, and leading with love. Our students learn how to locate themselves in a complex and pluralistic society. To know their inherent self-worth and the worth of all others. Faith gives them confidence in hope. It develops the resiliency and peace of mind needed to navigate confidently through a challenging world.

 Our graduates aren’t just ready for what’s next, they’re Cardinal Newman Ready.